Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Dr. Steven Kung

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI),USA

Research Area: Corrosion, electrochemistry, coating

Dr. Steve Kung received his MS and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from The Ohio State University. He also earned a BS degree in Chemistry from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.Prior to joining EPRI in 2015, Dr. Kung had worked for Babcock & Wilcox Co. for over 25 years as well as other research laboratories in steel and glass industries. His expertise includes high-temperature and low-temperature corrosion, steam oxidation, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, diffusion coating, and water chemistry.Dr. Kung has authored more than 75 technical papers and awarded 7 U.S. patents. He is the author of the recently published Fireside Corrosion chapter in ASM Handbook. Currently serving as chairman of NACE International TEG 530X Committee on Corrosion of Renewables Energy Facilities.


A.Prof. Jianfei Liu

Henan Polytechnic University, China

Research Area: Soil and groundwater pollution and 


Jianfei Liu, an associate professor in Henan University of Technology Institute of Civil Engineering, has been engaged in building environment and architectural cartography teaching and research work, the building durability and safety, environmental quality monitoring and evaluation, construction drawings and so on has carried on the beneficial exploration. Certified safety evaluation division, civil engineering society of China members. Who was involved in a number of national natural science foundation of China, Beijing natural science foundation of China and henan province science and technology research projects. Involved in a number of topics in scientific research level in nearly three years, get the award, 1 item of city department level 3 reward, the host no.12, a natural science fund projects, and ten SCI papers published articles. 1 textbooks in teaching, editor in chief of industry planning, participated in the eleventh five-year plan 1 textbooks, "the civil engineering CAD" multimedia courseware won the first prize of China civil engineering society of reward, and reward multiple courseware for department of education.


Prof. Mohamed M H Mostafa

Central University of Technology, South Africa

Research Area: Sustainable roads

Prof. Mohamed M H Mostafa main area of expertise lies in the field of civil engineering with interest in sustainable roads and transportation. He is very interested in applications related to environmental aspects and characterisation of flexible pavement materials, with special reference to bituminous materials. Environmental aspects research includes incorporation of recycled and/or waste materials in civil engineering applications with special interest in pavement. Bituminous materials work is divided into bituminous binders and binder-aggregate mixtures. In the binder characterisation area, expertise has been gained in the use of Rheology to depict binder behaviour over a range of temperatures and applied loading conditions. Binder aggregate mixture work has focused on the use of fundamental techniques to study the two main distress modes of bituminous materials, namely permanent deformation and fatigue cracking.


Prof. Samo Kral

University of Maribor, Slovenia

Research Area: Soft matter physics, topological defects, phase 

transitions, surface phenomena, physics of disorder, biophysics, 

physics on nanoparticles

Prof. Samo Kral is the Main organizer and General chair of the 11th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, 6-11 February, 2011, Maribor, Slovenia; Main organizer of the ESF exploratory workshop “Defect-assembled soft matter for nanoscience and biotechnology”, 2013, Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia;Around 150 papers, 2500 citations, 25 invited lectures, one plenary lecture (First International Conference on Advanced Materials for  Power Engineering, India, 2015).So far principal leader of about 20 bilateral projects (with Russia, Italy, USA, France, Romania,Austria, Poland)